Cairo University's hospitals are the oldest educational and medical hospitals and the largest in Egypt and the Middle East. It is the citadel of medicine in the Arab region. Thanks for Cairo University's hospitals, the world is being supplied with the most skilled physicians. Cairo University's hospitals include a group of educational and medical hospitals in all the branches of medicine.

In 1837, El Qasr El Ainy hospital has been established first as a medical hospital in surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, and venereal diseases. This was the basis of the School of Medicine.

El Qasr El Ainy has continued to perform its sublime message in all circumstances. Its physicians lifted Egypt's name high in the world's sky until a decree of demolishing was issued on 17/3/1977 to establish a hospital, with modern construction and equipment, on the area that was occupied by El Qasr El Ainy. The hospital with 1200 beds capacity. It has been partially inaugurated in 1955 to receive patients. Cairo University's hospitals include the following medical and educational units:

1-    El Manial Academic Hospital.
2-    Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.
3-    Internal Medicine Hospital.
4-    Pediatrics New Academic Hospital.
5-    External Clinic.
6-    El Qasr El Ainy New Educational Hospital.

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