Students in Faculties

1.    Faculty of Engineering.
2.    Faculty of Medicine.
3.    Faculty of Computers and Information.
4.    Faculty of Pharmacy.
5.    Faculty of Agriculture.
6.    Faculty of Science.
7.    Faculty of Economics and Political Science.
8.    Faculty of Mass Communication.
9.    Faculty of Archaeology.
10.     Faculty of Arts.
11.    Faculty of Commerce.
12.    Faculty of Specific Education.
13.    Faculty of Nursing.
14.     Faculty of Law.
15.    Faculty of Physiotherapy.
16.    Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine.
17.    Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
18.    Faculty of Dar El-Ulum.
19.    Faculty of Kindergarten.
20.    Statistical Studies and Research Institute.
21.    African Studies and Research Institute.
22.    National Cancer Institute.
23.    Regional and Urban Planning.
24.    Institute of Educational Studies and Research.
25.    National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences (NILES).
26.    Open Education Center.

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