1.  All staff members are expected to be in charge of teaching responsibilities provided that their performance is effective and up to their scientific degrees and experiences, and that they contribute to the comprehensive achievement of the academic programs carried out by them.

All staff members are expected to be keen on providing educational atmosphere that facilitates and enhances the educational process. They are also expected to set up curriculum plans, design lessons with great care, and coordinate teaching and assessment process with others in order for students to feel the integration of the academic course. Teaching ethics also should be practiced inside class in order to reflect best career practices and techniques usages that are convenient to enhance the educational process.

2.     All staff members who occupy Assistant professor, Participant professor, or professor are expected to usually work on preparing programs of academic distinctiveness provided that their performance is up to their scientific degrees and specializations. Those programs include internal and external services. Staff member should present external services through harnessing his/her knowledge and skills to serve different directions that deal with the university, whereas external services include guiding students and directing them, as well as other various activities that are related to university management.

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