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Completing the structure of the university and converting it into a governmental university in 1925 was a result of a new phase of Egypts contemporary history that was issued by 1919 Revolution. This phase was characterized by the Egyptians hope in achieving patriotic independence and preparing the country to bear its consequences. Although Egypt got incomplete independence on 28/2/1922, patriotic struggle for completing the independence was still active. The Egyptians contributed to patriotic struggle in their different social positions, different interests, and hopes of national independence. Establishing Bank Misr and seeking to establish a national base of Egyptian Economy was merely the social elites style of expressing their hope in being independent of being subordinate to foreign capitalism. Establishing the university and completing its structure was a sort of the Egyptians hope of boosting Egypts independence and achieving its renaissance of which education and science are cornerstone

Farouk the First University – Alexandria University
Ibrahim Pasha University – Ain Shams University
Mohamed Ali Pasha University – Assiut University

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